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Discover the wide range of outdoor active toys only at Bait Al Tarfeeh. Buy toys at great prices. Visit our online toy store in UAE now!

Playing on the trampoline helps your child to develop balance and coordination and strengthens their muscles. This Bounce Trampoline can hold up to 150 kg of weight. It is a perfect accessory for your kids' playground. Its frame is made up of galvanized steel which makes it super strong. It is ..
Ex Tax:AED2,800.00
12 Ft New Trampoline is a perfect outdoor playground accessory. It has a strong body and is safety tested.  It helps to keep your child fit, healthy and active. It  help your child to learn balancing and coordination. It i suitable for the children aged above 3 years. The trampoline can ho..
Ex Tax:AED3,200.00
All Star Kick Ball Soccer balls will stick to the dartboard for high score competitions Water chamber base for increased stability Contents: 1 dartboard, 2 stick-to-surface kickballs, 1 repair patch..
Ex Tax:AED245.00
Bestway Big Bop Wrestler Hit me Toys Age: 3 to 12 Years Material: Vinyl..
Ex Tax:AED20.00
Boxing Ring Bouncer Including two pairs of boxing gloves Crawl-through door on front Inflated base provides extra comfort Clear sidewalls let parents keep a watchful eye on children..
Ex Tax:AED450.00
Bestway Catch and Throw Set Best Outdoor Game for Everyone!..
Ex Tax:AED45.00
Simply inflate, attach your garden hose and GO! - Incredibly simple set up 18ft (5.49m) long, the Dragstrip Splash Slide features two sliding lanes for you to race a friend and be the first one to get drenched Water sprayer at the end of the slide - be the first to reach the button andblast water ..
Ex Tax:AED115.00
Bestway H2OGO Slide and Splash Bowling Slide down the bowling lane to knock over the pins and get a strike - a great way of encouraging healthy exercise Speed ramp provides a soft landing for a safe and smooth ride Simply lay the sheet on the lawn, attach a hose and you're good to H20 Go Includ..
Ex Tax:AED190.00
Bestway Inflatable Bonk Outs (Pack of 2) are a unique and fun outdoor play toy that your kids will love Bonk Outs are inflatable play tubes that your kids can wear. They encourage kids to get active by trying to knock the other person to the ground Each Bonk Out comes with adjustable shoulder stra..
Ex Tax:AED80.00
Bestway Pool Play Game Set Contains Three Rings and One BasketBall Made of Pre Tested Vinyl Age:5+..
Ex Tax:AED28.00
Bestway Soccer Splash Set Strong Vinyl pretestato * Fun for the children * Two water chambers on both sides for greater stability * Includes a Football * Two sprays on both sides of the network for refreshment during the game * Heavy Duty Repair Patch Included..
Ex Tax:AED120.00
Bestway Volleyball set With Volleyball Age:5+ Made of Pre Tested Vinyl..
Ex Tax:AED70.00
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